This is a collection of audio podcasts narrated by me, Gordon Greaves.


It's a collection of stories about underdog heroes, about grit and tenacity, about courage, about overcoming self-doubt.

I hope they will inspire you to become the person you've always believed you can be.


If you do embark on this quest, it is useful to note that real transformation is a two edged sword. Sometimes it is used to comfort the afflicted.

But at other times, its job is to afflict the comfortable.

Both are necessary.


These stories will challenge you, but they will also motivate you to ask:
"Can I really do this? And if not me, who? If not now, when?"

Gideon: a most unlikely Hero
How self-doubt and fear turned into leadership and courage.

Daniel: a man of principle in a time of change
How tenaciously staying true to your values, no matter what the pressure to compromise, sets you up for long term success.